Police thought this father’s 911 call about his daughter’s fatal shooting was fishy from the very start

Norman Police Department

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A father has been arrested in connection to his daughter’s fatal shooting, which he initially told police was a suicide.

Ronald McMullen, 43, is facing a first-degree murder charge for the shooting death of his daughter Kailee McMullen, 22. McMullen called police from his Oklahoma home late last month to report that his daughter had been shot in the face. During the phone call, he told them she had inflicted the injury herself.

“When you listen to the 911 call, the father states that she shot herself,” Norman Police Department’s Sarah Jensen said.

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However, upon arrival, authorities immediately noted that the circumstances were suspicious.

McMullen reportedly tried to wipe his daughter’s blood off himself, and officers were forced to “physically restrain him from doing so several times.” He also dropped to the ground and covered himself in dirt just after they snapped photos of him for evidence. Police additionally determined that his daughter’s body and the gun had both been moved after the shooting.

“The evidence that was collected from the scene and as we’ve worked through the initial investigation, that’s when the death became suspicious,” Jensen continued. “We didn’t feel like the things that we were able to gain from the scene connected the story that was told.”

Investigators are continuing to look into the case as McMullen remains in jail without bond.

“No death is easy to investigate, but then especially a death of this nature and then with another family member connected to the death, makes it extremely difficult,” Jensen said.

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