A Michigan woman who recorded herself sexually assaulting a 4-year-old boy and sent the video to a suspected drug dealer has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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In September of 2017, Kailee Marie Perez pleaded guilty to federal charges related to the video. The 25 year old sent the recording to Nathan Osborne, a Muskegon, Michigan man who was recently sentenced to 37 years for distributing the video, per MLive. Osborne was Perez’s drug dealer, according to a social worker who examined Perez before her sentencing. The social worker also said that Osborne asked Perez to make the video and that Perez’s drug history includes abusing prescription drugs, heroin and crack cocaine.

Muskegon, Michigan (screenshot/Google Maps)

Perez has been in and out of rehab treatments in the past few years. The social worker said that Perez doesn’t have a sexual interest in children but that the Michigan woman was “coerced by a co-defendant upon whom she had developed an unhealthy dependency [for drugs and sex],” according to the report obtained by MLive. In the examination, the social worker also concluded that Perez is not likely to fall back into crime unless her drug abuse continues — if that happens, the report states that Perez’s risk of recidivism is “significant.”

Upon her release, Perez will serve five years of probation; terms of which include that she participate in sex offender, substance abuse and mental health counseling. She is also barred from contacting minors or working in a position that involves contact with children. Perez will also have to submit monthly phone records to a probation officer.

This isn’t Perez’s first tangle with the law, in May of 2017, she was convicted of domestic violence and sentenced to 93 days behind bars, according to local media.

Nathan Osborne was sentenced to 37 years in prison and received the videos from Perez (Muskegon County Jail)

Osborne was sentenced to 37 years — 20 for sexual exploitation of a child and 17 for distribution of child pornography. In addition to Perez, he also allegedly forced a 20-year-old Michigan woman to send him a live video of her sexually assaulting her infant son, MLive reports.

She sent videos of herself molesting a 4 year old to her drug dealer — is her punishment enough? Muskegon County Jail
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