Stomach-turning details emerge about the lives of the 13 children trapped in the California “torture house”

Riverside County Sheriff's Department

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Videos by Rare

Over the weekend, a 17-year-old girl escaped from a California home that has since been described as a “torture house” and we’re slowly learning more about the disturbing conditions inside.

The parents, David and Louise Anna Turpin, have been charged with torture and abuse. The escaped victim was able to contact the police and when authorities arrived at the Perris, California home they discovered a stomach-turning sight. On Thursday, an officer with knowledge of the situation told NBC that the victims were allowed to shower only twice a year and that they were fed only once each day. Some of the children were shackled to furniture and their homes were described as “urine-filled.”

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The children who were held at the home ranged in age from 2 to 29. Neighbors have described a bizarre scene at the home, saying that the children were forced to march around in the middle of the night. Though the Turpin family’s behavior was puzzling, neighbors say that they never called the police because they never witnessed anything suggesting that there was illegal activity going on at the house. One neighbor even said that she didn’t know there were children living in the home.

David and Louise Turnip are facing 12 counts of torture along with a slew of others. If convicted, they face 94 years to life behind bars, according to KABC.

The 17-year-old daughter who escaped from the home was so malnourished that when police first saw her, they estimated that she was only ten. In a press conference, Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin said that sometimes the children were not even released from their chains to go to the bathroom. He also said that the children were beat if they washed their hands above their wrists because “they were accused of playing in water.” Sometimes, David and Louise would allegedly buy food and not allow the children to eat it.

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