Suspect floored by droopy drawers

Handcuffs didn’t keep Jordan Jefferson Bodden from fleeing Palm Beach County, Florida cops Saturday night, but his pants had other ideas.

Sheriff’s deputies were arresting Bodden and another fully clothed suspect for allegedly breaking into cars and ransacking glove boxes for valuables in Palm Beach. Bodden broke away and ran for it.

According to one news account, “The deputy leading Bodden to the patrol car had a grip on [Bodden’s] pants, which popped open when he attempted to run away.”

The chase was over quickly, after Bodden’s pants “dropped to his ankles, causing him to fall to the ground.”

Bodden made it about 100 feet before the extreme droopy drawers proved too much of an obstacle.

The underweared man continued to resist arrest. He tried to “get up and run away again,” so the cops slapped him in leg irons before escorting him to the cruiser.

The leg irons, reportedly, stayed in place.

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