Police Arrest 18-Year-Old Texas Girl for Threatening to Spread Coronavirus

The coronavirus has truly exposed the worst kinds of people, and these are the guys that have no regard for the shelter-in-place, self-quarantine, stay-at-home orders that have been enforced since the CDC has taken this pandemic issue seriously. Social media has exposed so many people who think they can get away with going out in public for no important reasons at all, except simply that they want to, despite the fact that most businesses have shut down their physical offices.

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One specific Texas COVID-19 case has taken the internet by storm, and I don’t think I would ever want to be known as this person. Northwest Texas police were looking for 18-year-old Lorraine Maradiaga in Carrolton, Texas. This lady became a “terroristic threat” when she posted videos of herself testing positive for the coronavirus and outright refusing to stay home.

The videos went viral and the Twitter community spread the word saying that she should be arrested. Before long, everyone knew that Maradiaga had completely disregarded any social distancing and could care less about public health. In one of her videos, she mentioned how she refuses to let anyone tell her to stay home and doesn’t care if she causes more coronavirus cases. In fact, she even mentioned that she wanted the fame from being the Texas Coronavirus spreader.

Well Lorraine, looks like you got the attention you wanted. Next thing you know, Texans from all over the major cities (Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and especially Dallas) had her picture circulating. Police had put it out there that they don’t think she’s an actual threat to public health, but that they are taking her social media claims very seriously, charging her with terroristic threat.

Out of all the latest updates and news surrounding specific cases of COVID-19, I don’t know how dumber people can get than this. Lorraine Maradiaga is showing selfishness and disrespect to every health department, all health care professionals putting their lives on the line, any health and human services, the state of Texas, the rest of the United States, and everyone who is following all the self-quarantine/stay-at-home orders.

As if prevention of close contact couldn’t be anymore emphasized, Maradiaga proceeded to video herself going out in public, blatantly stating that she doesn’t care. Seeing a video of an infected person doing this makes it difficult for those who aren’t infected but are doing their part for the well-being of the general public health.

In more positive cases, Maradiaga was finally arrested, but what did she do? She told police that she lied and didn’t actually have COVID-19. Yes, she had the audacity to say that her inciting public terror by claiming to be a confirmed case of an infected person was all a lie. However, even though police don’t have evidence of her testing positive, she was still transferred to Denton County Jail with a bond set at $20,000. She will also be forced to self-quarantine in jail for 21 days after release for precautionary purposes.

Props to this girl I guess. I guess the fame she got was worth all the time and resources wasted on her poor decisions.

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