The FBI says one man killed his wife on their cruise because “she wouldn’t stop laughing at me.”

The Emerald Princess cruise ship is docked in Juneau, Alaska, Wednesday, July 26, 2017. The FBI is investigating the domestic dispute death of a Utah woman on board the ship, which was traveling in U.S. waters outside Alaska. (AP Photo/Becky Bohrer)

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Kenneth Manzanares has been arrested and is expected to see murder charges after police say he killed his wife aboard a cruise ship in Alaska. According to ABC, the incident occurred after a domestic dispute. The FBI is investigating the incident because it happened on the water and Manzanares will face federal charges. Federal authorities had to fly in from Anchorage and Seattle to search for evidence.

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The ship, which departed Seattle on a week-long cruise, was seven miles off shore when personnel responded to an incident in the cabin. Court documents report that upon entrance, officials discovered Manzanares wife with “a severe head wound” and noticed that the room was marked in blood. She was pronounced dead at 9:20 p.m. and the F.B.I. was notified at 11 p.m. Manzanares’ wife has been identified as Kristy Manzanares and her Facebook page has flooded with people reaching out to remember her.

Manzanares was from Utah and Gephard Daily reports his children were on board the cruise ship at the time of the murder.

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Witnesses reportedly entered the room before authorities and stated that they noticed the blood. When one of them asked Manzanares what happened, he answered “she would not stop laughing at me.” The suspect pulled his wife’s lifeless body to the balcony and was about to throw her overboard when another passenger claims he pulled her back.

Authorities interviewed 200 of the 3,400 passengers. Manzanares will appeared in court on Thursday, though it’s unclear what charges he was arraigned on.

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