Yevgeniy “Eugene” Savenok will serve 65 years in prison for the brutal murder of his pregnant wife, Lyuba, at their home in Eden Prairie, Minn., last May.

Savenok pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder; in exchange, prosecutors surrendered the first-degree murder charge that would have carried a life sentence.

Several Eden Prairie police officers were in court to hear his plea. Many described the case as the most brutal they had ever investigated.

Savenok reportedly stormed the family home on May 14, grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed his wife seven or eight times before fleeing with his two children, according to court records. Lyuba died at the scene, and their unborn child died 10 minutes after an emergency C-section, according to Fox 9.

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Savenok later walked into United Hospital in St. Paul with his children and told a security guard that he had just killed his wife. After being arrested, he told police, “I stabbed my wife.”

Court records show Savenok had a history of abuse against his wife. According to Fox 9, Lyuba had an active protective order against her husband when she was killed. She had accused him of violating the order in the past, but still allowed him to move back into the family home. A trial on those allegations is scheduled for next week.

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Lyuba’s brother, Aleksandr Katane, released the following statement:

“I’ve been to every one of Eugene’s hearings and today was especially difficult.  It was difficult to hear him say that he intended to kill my sister.  It was difficult to hear that he understands that he killed his son Ellis as well.  I was holding my own son who is only 1 month older than Ellis would be now.  We miss Lyuba very much and my wife and I wish that Ellis survived as we would have loved to adopt him as well.

Furthermore I am personally disappointed in the State of Minnesota regarding the laws surrounding murder.  It is my belief that he and any person guilty of murder deserve nothing short of death but our policymakers seem to think so otherwise.

Lastly I hold the prosecutors (Judith and Tara) in the highest regard as they have done a phenomenal job thus far.  Hennepin County in general has been amazing in their help and support through all aspects of this tough time for us.”

The Minnesota man who stabbed his pregnant wife to death now knows his fate