“The nightmare is finally over”: Child pornography charge dismissed against California teacher

Modesto Police Department

A child pornography charge has been dismissed against a California teacher who could have faced a nasty prison sentence if convicted.

In 2015, police arrested Daniel Glenn on a felony charge of possession of child pornography, but that charge was dismissed this month by prosecutors. Glenn’s attorney told the Modesto Bee, “He is clearly innocent of these charges, and for him, the nightmare is finally over.”

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Glenn was a teacher at Mark Twain Junior High School before his arrest. Police said that a student, who was under the age of 16, sent Glenn inappropriate photos. When authorities investigated, they allegedly found child pornography on the educator’s computer. But, Glenn’s attorney said that “he had not collected any porn.”

Modesto Police Department

Glenn’s lawyer also said that he believes the prosecution would have been unsuccessful in a trial, saying, “They did the right thing and saved the county the expense of going to trial to get to the same place.” He resigned from the school in 2015, and in a statement, the district said, “We support our justice system and the decision made. We acted appropriately to protect students. Our investigation revealed inappropriate communications that go far beyond professional boundaries.”

The evidence that police found on Glenn’s computer was not related to the student who sent him inappropriate images. If convicted, he was facing a year in prison, according to a 2015 article from the Modesto Bee. The girl, who was previously a student of Glenn’s, reported the images.

The 40-year-old teacher was in the district for 11 years, though he wasn’t always at Mark Twain Junior High School. At the time of his arrest, one parent told the Bee that she knew the girl and said, “I warned him that [she] was a troubled child, and he needed to be careful. He just blew me off.” Another member of the community stood by Glenn and said that they believed the allegations were intended to “ruin his reputation.”

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