After Kevin Rojas, 21, was sentenced to life in prison for shooting a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office officer during a 2016 gunfight, the officer, who has not been identified due to his continued undercover work, sent him off to prison with a going away present that may get a lot of use.

“I will take those bullets instead of a fellow officer or innocent bystander,” he said. “When I brought the fight back, you ran like a coward.”

“I brought a little gift for you,” the officer continued. “You will need it where you are going.”

He then pulled out a bottle of lotion, although some reports indicated that it was a bottle of KY lubricant, wiping the smirk his attacker wore as he entered the court room right off his face.

Video/WJAX – Jacksonville, F
Video/WJAX – Jacksonville, F

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In March 2016, the detective, who was driving his son to school, pulled over the then 19-year-old Rojas for driving erratically. Immediately after being stopped, the teen exited his vehicle and began shooting at the officer through his windshield, hitting him in the head, abdomen and hand. Meanwhile, the officer’s son sat in the passenger seat the entire time, but was fortunately unharmed. When the officer returned fire, Rojas fled, stealing a truck and getting shot three times himself while engaging additional officers who had rushed to the scene.

On Wednesday, a jury convicted Rojas of one count of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, one count of attempted manslaughter, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of grand theft auto and one count of fleeing or attempting to elude police. He must wait a minimum of 25 years before he will be considered for parole.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

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