The sick crime allegedly committed by a sheriff’s deputy is catching up with him 2 decades later


A crime allegedly committed by a sheriff’s deputy over 20 years ago may have finally caught up with him.

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Gerald Salcido, 63, was arrested on a charge of inappropriate sexual conduct with a minor in 1995. According to Fox 13, police said the case against the Utah County sheriff’s deputy was reopened when a witness came forward last year. Salcido allegedly committed the crimes when he lived in Mesa, Ariz., as noted by police in a statement:

The original 1995 case went cold when detectives did not have enough evidence to move forward with the molestation charges. Two juvenile victims had reported being molested by Salcido 10 years prior in Mesa. In September 2017, a new witness came forward, causing the case to be re-opened.

Salcido was accused of having sexual contact with a minor and molesting a child, leading to three felony charges of sexual contact with a minor.

He was arrested and booked by Utah authorities over the weekend after they were contacted by Arizona law enforcement. Salcido now awaits extradition to Arizona.

“Crimes against children are one of the highest priorities for the Mesa Police Department,” the department explained. “This is a great example of someone coming forward with new information leading to the arrest of a dangerous sexual predator many years later. This shows that decades after a crime, one piece of information can solve a case.”

Salcido was employed with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office for 14 years.

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