The YouTube parent-pranksters who lost custody of their children are now facing serious jail time


Michael and Heather Martin, known as DaddyOFive on YouTube, are each facing five years in prison for their behavior. The couple rose to internet fame after posting videos of them pranking their children. After the videos were deemed abusive by some viewers, they were taken down from the site. The last video they put together before their downfall, posted in April, featured them ranting and hurling expletives at their youngest son, 9-year-old Cody.

At the time that the videos were taken off YouTube, their channel had over 750,000 followers. Of the couple’s five children, two — Emma, 12, and Cody — are biologically Michael’s, from his previous marriage to Rose Hall, reports the Daily Mail. Those two children have been placed in the custody of Hall.

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On July 27, two charges of two counts of neglect of a minor were filed against both parents, the Frederick News-Post reports. Their attorney confirmed that there is a plea agreement but did not go into detail, explaining that it’s not a concrete deal. The plea hearing will take place on Sept. 11.

In one of the few videos that remain up on the “DaddyOFive” page, the couple apologizes for their actions, saying, “We put things on the internet that should not be there … We just wanted our kids to be happy, and we went about it the wrong way.”

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