Three women have been arrested for a series of robberies after police say they were staging car accidents in order to rob their victims.

On Aug. 13, police in Las Vegas, Nevada, arrested Barbara Miller, 38, Amanda Miller, 19, and Sophia Nicholas, 28, for a series of robberies that authorities have heard about for months. Police first learned about the incidents in 2016 and, eventually, uncovered tales of over 30 robberies, KTNV reports.

The women told victims that they hit their car and needed to exchange information. Then they would try to extort a cash settlement.

While one of the women distracted the victims, another one of them would damage the car and point to the damage then demand reparations. Their enterprise came crashing down when Amanda Miller tried to steal items from a Kohl’s store, and police arrested her. The other two women showed up and were also taken into custody on outstanding warrants. At the station, a victim who recorded a video of one of the scenes was able to identify them.

A series of victims came forward with similar stories about the trio of robbers. In one instance, a woman told the suspects that she had the money at home, and one of them got in the car and told her to drive home. At the victim’s house, she says the women went through her belongings. In another instance, one of the suspects distracted a victim while two others stole her purse and credit cards from her car.

They are facing a series of charges, including burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, grand larceny and conspiracy.

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