Two Men Arrested for Peeing on Memorial for Boy Who Died of Cancer

Two garbage humans — we’re talking the-medical-waste-dumpster-behind-a-nursing-home-where-all-the-residents wear-diapers-and-have-IBS levels of garbage, here — have been arrested for desecrating the memorial for Christian Clopp, a 9-year-old boy who died of brain cancer in 2012.

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One guy peed on it and the other filmed the guy peeing and laughed because, apparently, they’re both pretty dead set on spending an eternity in hell, having giant fire demons crap hot lava down their throats. And, of course (of course), the men were caught because they posted the video to social media. This newscast shows a portion of the video.

Bud Light probably isn’t wild about that product placement.

There’s no level of drunk a person can be that justifies this. There’s no, “I was just so drunk.” That’s for saying something mean to your girlfriend/boyfriend or peeing, but in the closet, not a dead child’s memorial. You have to already be a supremely shitty person to even consider doing this.

Desecrating a dead kid’s memorial might make for a good joke in a fictional comedy, the same way accidentally killing an innocent horse a la Animal House was. But doing it as a bit for your burgeoning (see: pointless and terrible) YouTube channel, or whatever the hell they were doing, just makes you deserving of being pulverized by an 18-wheeler.

Fortunately, the men, Bryan Bellace of Egg Harbor (the peeing guy), and Daniel Flippen of Hammonton (the director of photography) were quickly reported and arrested because there are still plenty of decent people left in this world. Bellace is charged with lewdness and criminal mischief for peeing on the memorial. Sadly (in this instance, at least), it’s not really illegal to consensually film someone while they’re peeing so Flippen was only cited for having an open beer at the park.

Clopp’s father was understandably distressed by what was done to his son’s memorial but reassured that there were people who were willing to report the men and clean the memorial.

So if you’re in the Hamilton, New Jersey area and need someone to punch in the face without any repercussions, there are two guys you can probably do that to now.

This story was originally published May 20, 2019.

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