“Doctor” Scott Redman says he, like Dr. Dre and Dr. J, can call himself what he wants. Today, he acquired a prison sentence for it.

Redman, 37, was arrested in April of last year and charged with two counts of rendering services without a license, both felonies. Posing as a psychiatrist, he’d seen over 50 patients and written 71 prescriptions to them to help them with illnesses he says included panic disorder, schizophrenia and manic bipolar disorder. That’s according to a tape of an interrogation acquired by ABC-7 Chicago. One patient was a 9-year-old girl.

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In that tape, Redman says posing as a licensed doctor was “incredibly unconventional, but [he] had to do something.” A Drug Enforcement Agency interviewer asks, “You called yourself a doctor so people would assume they are coming to speak to a psychiatrist, no?”

Redman replied, “Well, wouldn’t that just be like Dr. J the basketball player and Dr. Dre the rapper? Can’t you just call yourself what you want?”

He was found guilty of aggravated identity theft, furnishing false information to the DEA, distributing a controlled substance and wire fraud. Redman went to sentencing Wednesday and was assigned 13 years in prison. It’s not the first time Redman has posed as a doctor; in 2015, he pleaded guilty to rendering psychological services without a license, though that charge was a misdemeanor.

Unlicensed Illinois “doctor” gives a jaw-dropping defense for his deceit Screenshot/ABC-7 Chicago
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