Unruly pervert wedding crasher got rightfully socked in the face — and guess who did the honor?

Eau Claire County Police Department

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Videos by Rare

After allegedly inappropriately touching two teenage girls and pulling another’s hair, a furious bride gave an out-of-control wedding crasher exactly what he deserved — a swift punch to the face.

William A. Dickinson, 25, showed up uninvited to a wedding in Wisconsin over the weekend along with two co-workers. The trio reportedly decided while drinking at a near by hotel earlier in the day to crash the wedding reception in hopes of “getting laid.” However, once they arrived, their cover was quickly blown.

Guests began noticing Dickinson, whom they called “the weird guy,” after seeing him looking out of place on the dance floor in jeans and a t-shirt. While dancing, he allegedly attempted to dance with two young women aged 17 and 18, and he proceeded to inappropriately touch both of them by rubbing and squeezing their buttocks, according to police. At some point in the evening, a 14-year-old girl who saw the encounters confronted him about whether or not he was actually invited to the event, to which he responded by pulling her hair “hard enough to cause pain” after he “became angry.”

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Dickinson insisted that he walked away after the incident, but was soon pushed by someone from behind. He turned around and threw a punch at the “first person he saw,” which turned out to be the bride’s father. The pair reportedly scuffled until Dickinson realized his opponent was an older man.

“Dickinson said that eventually, the bride came over and he apologized, saying he hoped he didn’t ruin her party,” the police report indicated.

Clearly unimpressed and not in the most forgiving mood, the bride responded to his apology by clocking him in the face. According to the police report, “[He] said he probably deserved it.”

On Monday, Dickinson was slapped with a felony count of physical abuse of a child, two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree sexual assault and a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. His bond was set at $1,000, and he cannot have contact with girls, drink alcohol or enter taverns.

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