A woman has been sentenced to seven years in prison after police say a Facebook selfie became a key piece of evidence in the murder trial of her best friend.

CBC reports 21-year-old Cheyenne Rose Antoine pleaded guilty to killing 18-year-old Brittney Gargol in 2015. Gargol’s body was found dumped near a roadway in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Antonine said Gargol was her best friend. After a night of drinking, the pair got into an argument.

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Police found a belt near Gargol’s body, which they believed was used to strangle her to death. Though Antonine said she didn’t remember strangling Gargol, she did not deny that she killed her, according to CBC.

The Sun reports police were able to piece together the events of that night through images posted to social media.

A selfie posted on Facebook shows Antoine wearing the same belt found near Gargol’s body.

Police eventually tracked down a friend of Antoine. After getting drunk, Antoine showed up at the friend’s house and confessed to hurting Gargol.

Antoine released a statement through her lawyer, saying, “I will never forgive myself. Nothing I say or do will ever bring her back. I am very, very sorry…It shouldn’t have ever happened,” she said.

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