Critics, Fans Split on Action-Packed ‘Anti-Woke’ Series From Chris Pratt, ‘The Terminal List’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

James Reece doesn’t put up with no mess. He especially doesn’t put up with messing with his family and friends.

That’s the gist of the The Terminal List, a recent show from Amazon Prime in which Chris Pratt plays Reece, a Navy SEAL who returns home to some high drama after a covert mission. After a bit of a slow start, Terminal List takes off as an action-packed thriller with lots of storylines, receiving an IMDB rating of 8.0 (out of 10).

Others, however, weren’t so impressed. Pratt’s character, after all, is a killer, an alpha male who seeks out those who have wronged him, most in major ways.

“The plot, in so much as there is one, will make about as much sense to viewers as it does to the heavily concussed Reece,” wrote The Independent.

Of course, the website did feel compelled to praise the performances of actresses Riley Keogh and Constance Wu in the same piece.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter was also scathing, referring to The Terminal List as a “‘dry, tasteless burger … left on the grill for so long that the result is dry and tasteless.”

It later added, “It’s the entertainment equivalent of a charred hockey puck, with the same limited range of flavor and aesthetics.”

CNN was equally damning, calling the eight-episode series “cliched.”

Why critics have been so judgmental is anyone’s guess, but one theory is that The Terminal List isn’t nearly “woke” enough for their tastes. Just the opposite actually.

Meanwhile, fans of the show have responded by telling professional critics to put a lid on it.

Said one: “Great series. Don’t listen to the ‘professional critics.’ If you are looking for action with a great cast, this show is for you.”

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt attends the “The Terminal List” Los Angeles Premiere at DGA Theater Complex on June 22. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Another wrote: ‘Excellent acting through out. Authentic portrayal of subject matter. Gripping story.”

And still another added: “Critics as usual got this one wrong. Outstanding series!”

Those are all just a small sampling of the positivity from the audience.

“Chris does an amazing job playing the part of a navy seals commando, taking vengeance on those who killed his team. I was on the edge of my seat the entire season,” wrote yet another fan.

Basically, when it comes to The Terminal List, it appears the mainstream critics are watching an entirely different show than the people for whom they are offering reviews. Their best hope is that Reece, brilliantly played by Pratt, doesn’t come for them, too.

What do you think?


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  1. What do these film critics do…..? NOTHING! Waiting for mom to bring them a sandwich while they play video games.

  2. Very good. I thought it followed the book really well. Hi pop e they do the other books in the series.

  3. So far…. so good. Enjoying every episode so far. Not for snowflakes! They may like a pee-wee Herman series instead. LOL

  4. Gonna go home tonight and watch. Sounds like a great series. Just saying all because it’s no a WOKE show. Doesn’t mean it’s bad. I see it has great reviews. Keep commenting people.

  5. I love the series. The complaints I’ve heard are more from people who won’t watch it because they feel it portrays Chris Pratt himself, and pretty accurately, except for the murdering. Silly.

  6. Show was awesome! I didn’t plan on binge watching the entire season, but did anyways! Easily the best series I’ve seen in years, if not decades. If you hear anyone giving it a bad review, they’re probably just pandering to the “woke” crowd…

  7. As a former Army Ranger, I loved the series. Outstanding portrayal of special ops MEN. No “Laura Crofts” here, just real-life alpha males, as is reality.

  8. I love when the general public’s opinion greatly outweighs those select few, who’s only role in life is to try to get the masses to think as they do, or be made to feel guilty if otherwise. The Terminal list and Maverick are prime examples that we are tired of being told how were suppose to think. A complete flop at the box office, Lightyear also helps prove that theory a little more. Hopefully, Hollywood will get the message soon, and we can continue to get some good quality television and movies!

  9. The show is fantastic. I’m 49. This “woke” shit is eventually going to lead to DISASTER. In every way shape and form. The life your living today will not be the world you have 20 years from now. I dislike “woke” programming. But it’s everywhere. You young kids can’t see beyond your own nose. Yet your woke, As you watch this movie did you even think about the fact that a War is here. You Millennials, post millennial’s, and Gen Z better wake up cause the draft is coming . Time to grow up folks.

  10. Amazing series. I can’t even believe it’s getting any bad reviews. We loved it and can’t wait for the next season.

  11. Great series. Character doing exactly what I’d be doing if some evil cabal had my family murdered on purpose.

  12. Awesome series. Keep making em. Critics are probably a bunch of pronouns that what to push out a bunch much of binary shows.

  13. Here’s a novel idea for those who think it’s not “woke” enough for them. Lose the jargon. We’re all tired of hearing about “woke” crap, as this is not new stuff. We already went through this in the 60s and 70s, so you aren’t anything great or new thinking. As far a watching the movie, if it’s not for you, don’t watch it. It really is that simple. You have a thing called freedom of choice. Nod a huge thank you to our vets (who, BTW, you think aren’t “woke” enough). They protect choices for you! So, if you want to go watch something else because you’re offended, go do that. Stopped crapping on everything you don’t happen to like. It’s not all about you.

  14. This is for the Demo-Nazi and Repuke Republican Bush Leaguers out there aka Borg Alliance .

    I have not seen this series.

    But I have seen Startrek Voyager.

    This is Scientific fact

    There are but two types of Humans and that is it.
    And how do I know this ; its called Chromosomes.
    Chromosomes dictates whether your a male or a female.

    You can chop off all the body parts you want and add all the body parts you want.

    Your still either a male or a female.

    And that is how I’m going to refer to you.

    If your a male , dressed as a chick, your getting called dude or maybe Shim.

    The same goes for a female dressed as a male,your getting called mam.

    We males need to stop the sisification, crap that has been going on since the 1980’s with the introduction of American Soccor .

    If your gay you can still act like a man and a women.

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