Crocs With Miniature Fanny Packs Actually Exist, and We Have So Many Questions

What’s up with all these summer clothing trends that we never asked for and probably will never ever wear? Turns out, Crocs has decided to show up again, this time joining forces with BEAMS, for a wild, unnecessary, and bizarre combination. The slip-on shoes will now include sun visors, festival-ready fringe, and fanny packs.

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Yes, all these miniature items will be located on top of crocs, because well, I’m guessing the company got bored and decided to make a new product that people will nod their heads to. Honestly, I want to know who comes up with all of these, because I’m starting to think they really hate their job. That or they are just out of ideas.

Anyways, the collaborating includes three distinctive models. The fanny pack clogs called “Pocket” are offered in either “Tropical Teal” or “Ultraviolet” with branding emblazoned on the front of each “fore foot-mounted pouch”, accompanying Jibbitz charms. All other monochrome white or black clogs each have sun visors jammed into the hinge beneath the strap, because well, I’m guessing shoes need shade too.

Then, there is the “Mushroom” or light grey clogs with forefoot laces and beaded fringe attached to the strap. Yes, you read that right, fringe! To complete the designs, all six of the models feature BEAMS branding, which is subtly printed across the hinge joint. Because it isn’t a collaboration without having both names in big bold letters on them.

Want to buy these very obnoxious shoes? Head on over to any BEAMS store or their website. The price has yet to be announced, but I wouldn’t doubt it if these, dare I say shoes, cost more than we would ever pay from shoes that we would only probably wear once during the summer. No thank you, I’m gonna pass on these.

Props for trying crocs, you really have outdone yourself this time.

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