Dad Stupidly Hangs Off Yosemite National Park Ledge While His Kids Watched

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Internet appears to be split on whether it was a good idea for a father of two to dangle his legs off a scary cliff a Yosemite National Park.

Aaron Eveland is a filmmaker from Hawaii and the man in question after he posted a video of his daring — and frightening — feat to his Instagram account.

Eveland recorded all of this with a selfie stick, and not surprisingly, the video was picked up by the “Tourons of Yellowstone” account. Tourons, of course, is a combination of the words “tourists” and “morons.” And many will tell you that Eveland fits such a description.

Dad Hangs Off Yosemite National Park Ledge

From this vantage point you can see the ‘Thank God Ledge,'” Eveland wrote in the caption, with his children visible behind him. “Years ago I climbed the Regular route and it took 2.5 days. It would be so rad to do the route again with my kids in the future. We are hopefully headed there this fall with some smaller multi-pitch climbs to tick.”

We don’t know much about Eveland beyond that. Though you can’t help but wonder what the children’s mother was thinking while viewing all this.

“Dude my hands and feet are sweating from watching that. I go on hikes with my kids and there’s no way in hell I’d l let them stand that close with nobody near them,” read one comment, via MSN.

“This made my stomach hurt. Those kids watching 3ft from the ledge. Just no,” read another.

Yet there were some who defended the decision, and even staunchly so.

“I take my daughter travelling and have climbed in volcanoes, dangled off of cliffs, went fast, and played hard. Yes there are risks involved,” wrote one user.

“I’ve explained to my child if something were to happen to us while taking risk then we went out doing what we love. Experience the world. Living is a risk.”

Living is indeed a risk. But minimizing those risks probably isn’t a terrible idea. Eveland’s stunt, however, sure seemed to be one.

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