The argument between Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer and social media star Dan Bilzerian escalated into an invitation to a fistfight on Saturday morning.

The feud between Bilzerian and Meyer began after the Las Vegas shooting when Meyer, who’s married to Bristol Palin, called the “King of Instagram” a coward for “running away” from the festival where Bilzerian was in attendance.

In response, Bilzerian shot back, calling Meyer a “retard” and posting a video that appeared to show him begging police on the scene for a gun so he could fight the shooter.

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But, Meyer says that Bilzerian’s tactics are a bit nastier than a simple social media post. In a Saturday morning Instagram video, he accused Bilzerian of giving his wife’s phone number to people and claimed that she’s been receiving prank calls from people he believes to be friends of the internet personality.

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Meyer then issued a challenge to Bilzerian, declaring “this ain’t an option. You just need to tell me when and where, and if not, we’ll be somewhere together, I’m sure.” He continued, “Why don’t we handle this like men? You got it? You got it, Dan? I’m waiting.”

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Bilzerian rose to fame for his Instagram, in which he regularly posts images of himself surrounded by arsenals of weapons and scantily clad (or nude) women. Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor by Barack Obama in 2011 for his actions during a 2008 ambush when a number of Marines he was serving with were killed by enemy fighters.

Dakota Meyer is ready to beat the hell out of Dan Bilzerian for messing with his wife Instagram/dakotameyer0317 & DanBilzerian
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