Danielle Colby Posed Topless And Fans of ‘American Pickers’ Are Losing It

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One way to get attention — positive or otherwise — is to do a burlesque shoot. That’s the case even if you are a reality star on The History Channel’s American Pickers.

Danielle Colby found that out firsthand by posing topless in a burlesque photo on social media. And now, fans are losing their minds.

Granted, Colby, 46, wasn’t completely nude. She went full burlesque by decorating some parts that aren’t supposed to be seen as she posed in a flapper-inspired gown and low-cut dress.

But that was just one pose. She offered several from her shoot, both on Instagram and her OnlyFans page.

For Colby, the reaction actually seemed mostly positive.

“A True Burlesque Queen,” was one response.

So Beautiful and Sexy,” was another.

A third read, “Stunning truly stunning,” and a fourth insisted that Colby looked “Absolutely gorgeous!”

This isn’t the first time she’s posted a burlesque preview to Instagram. But it’s the first time Instagram has not removed it. Last time, it took down a video of Colby in a “burlesque routine” video — a fact that did not have her feeling very happy at the time.

“This is a small clip of a burlesque routine that I did for Halloween. This is a video from OCTOBER,” she wrote in the spring.

“It’s [now] March, damn near April. The video in question is one of me in a burlesque costume that is the same size as a bikini, which is perfectly acceptable on IG/FB mind you, but because my pasties aren’t connected like a bra?”

She wasn’t finished.

“Is that the problem? Is the problem that I told my fans they could find the full-length video, that I’m NOT ALLOWED to post here, on a different site?” she wrote.

“Or is it just because of the militant policing of fat, femme, and queer bodies, especially those of color and ESPECIALLY those in or tangential to [sex work]?”

“For so many people, this is how they’re able to pay their mortgages, afford childcare, have the ability to buy life-saving medications, or just have the money they need for the quality of life they want.”

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