When to Change the Clock for Daylight Saving Time

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Videos by Rare

As the weather gets cooler and pumpkin spice everything takes over our lives, so comes the winter holidays and seasonal nuances. To our chagrin and excitement Daylight Saving Time ends this week. Throughout the summer we enjoy those long daylight hours in the sun when we “spring forward” and set the clock forward an hour. Seeing that it’s nearly November it’s time for us to “fall back” and do the opposite.

Did you know this tradition was made possible by Benjamin Franklin? Yes, it was originally used to conserve energy, allowing people an extra hour of daylight hours instead of having to use the lighting in their homes. Benjamin Franklin proposed this in 1784 but DST didn’t begin in the united states until 1918. Daylight saving times was instituted year-round after World War II and referred to as “war-time”. However, after complaints from farmers about losing daylight the government let states choose if they wanted to observe the time change or not. Needless to say, that didn’t last long.


The Uniform Time Act was introduced by the U.S. Congress shortly afterward, determining that everyone was going to observe the same standard time. The time changes for Daylight Savings time would begin on the first Sunday of April and the last Sunday of October.

Daylight Saving Time Related Facts

  • Fewer traffic accidents occur when the evenings are longer!
  • Less than 40% of the world’s countries observe Daylight Saving Time!
  • The first time change took place during World War I!

When is Daylight Saving Time This Year?

So although most of us might not see the need to adjust our clocks every year, you definitely should because then you’ll never get anywhere on time. So, don’t forget to set any analog watches/clocks back an hour on Sunday, November 3rd! Some digital accessories like solar-powered/home appliances may need to be manually adjusted, too. And pro-tip, this will be a great time to also check the batteries in warning detectors in your home to ensure everything is working properly!

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