Dead Brothel Owner and HBO Star Wins Election in Nevada

Dennis Hof died last month at the age of 72. Yesterday he won a seat in the Nevada legislature. Hof was best known to the world — and especially to those of us who were teenaged boys at the turn of the century and by themselves in their basements after their parents went to sleep on a Saturday night — as the star of HBO’s Cathouse, a show about the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, which he owned.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Despite being the owner of a strip club and five brothels in Nevada, the only state in which prostitution is legal, Hof ran as a Republican and received serious backing from Evangelical Christians in the state. Hof had dubbed himself The Trump from Pahrump (his hometown) and ran on a platform of Trumpian honesty, believing that voters would put aside their anxieties about someone being in conflict with their moral or religious beliefs to elect a candidate who will tell it like it is.

Turns out Hof was right. So right that the people of Nevada’s 36th Assembly District elected the purportedly straight-talking candidate with no regard for the fact that he was dead and no longer capable of talking, straight or otherwise. If there were ever a time for a campaign manager that deserved to be set adrift to the sea on a block of ice and never seen again, it’s whoever ran the campaign for Hof’s opponent, Lesia Romanov. That is French army, Buffalo Bills levels of failure.

This isn’t the first time a dead guy has won an election, sure. In a 2000 Senate race in Missouri Democrat Mel Carnahan stopped living (because his plane stopped flying) and was still able to defeat his incumbent Republican opponent John Ashcroft. But at least Carnahan had been governor of the state beforehand. Hof was a pimp and the de facto host/narrator of a premium cable softcore porno. He owns the place where Lamar Odom OD’d. The man wrote a book called “The Art of the Pimp.”

I bet everyone who worked on the Romanov campaign is so jealous of Hof… for being dead.

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