Debris found instead of Black Hawk helicopter, and the name of a missing soldier surfaces AP Photo/Marco Garcia

By Melisa Goh, Rare Editor

Search and rescue crews brought back pieces of a helicopter fuselage and a helmet Wednesday after scouring the ocean for five soldiers whose Army helicopter went down off the coast of Hawaii.

The two pilots and three crew members have been missing since their UH-60 Black Hawk lost visual and radio contact during a training exercise Tuesday night.

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Soon after, searchers discovered a debris field about 2 miles off Kaena Point on Oahu, near the area where the helicopter went missing. The search has since moved with the ocean current, about five miles offshore.

“This is still a search-and-rescue operation,” Lt. Col. Curt Kellogg told reporters Wednesday.

Meanwhile, local media identified one of the missing soldiers as Abigail Milam of Kentucky.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.