Delta Flight Attendant Goes Viral for Assisting Nervous Passenger on JFK-Bound Flight

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

This is true service to humanity. A Delta flight attendant has gone viral after calming a nervous passenger on a flight to John F Kennedy International Airport. A fellow passenger caught the moment on camera. The internet has been brought to near tears and everyone agrees this man’s a hero.

Witness Caught the Moment a Delta Flight Attendant Calmed a Fellow Passenger

According to Sunny Skyz, the flight attendant’s name is Floyd Dean-Shannon. Dean-Shannon is seen holding a female passenger’s hand as she was struggling with severe anxiety about flying. A Twitter post from the passenger who took the photo further explains what Shannon was doing. He was talking her through the sensations in the air to help calm her nerves.

“Check out this gem of a flight attendant that was on our flight from CLT to JFK,” reads the tweet. “This woman was so nervous about flying, so he explained every sound and bump and even sat here holding her hand when it still got to be too much for her. @delta, Floyd Dean-Shannon deserves a raise!”

It’s not just that the Delta flight attendant was holding her hand. The photo just oozes kindness on his face. You almost feel calmer just looking at the moment. It’s like something straight out of Humans of New York. He’s sitting on the ground with his legs slightly crossed because there isn’t much room in the aisle. In one hand, Dean-Shannon holds a hot beverage. You can’t see the passenger’s face too well, but it’s clear she’s focused on her hero flight attendant and his positive energy.

The flight had taken off from Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina and of course, safely landed.

And Twitter has exploded with kind words for the flight attendant.

“This is going to go viral with people saying, ‘Wish my partner looked at me that way.’”

“Give that person a raise!!”

“A rare breed.”

“I need Floyd on my next flight!”

“It is always touching to see one human caring for another.”

“…one of your ‘restore faith in humanity’ segments.”

“Rare to see such dedicated service these days; well done.”

The verdict is in. We all need a little Floyd in our lives.

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