Designer who once dressed Michelle Obama declined to dress Melania Trump Facebook/The View
Facebook/The View

Designer Tom Ford was a guest on “The View” Wednesday and said that though he once dressed Michelle Obama for a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, he declined to do so for Melania Trump some years ago, because she was “not necessarily [his] image.”

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“We have a new first lady, Melania Trump. She’s quite beautiful, and she’s thin,” Joy Behar said. “She’s going to look great in the clothes, no?”

“Uh, I don’t know. I was asked to dress her quite a few years ago, and I declined,” Ford replied.

When asked why, Ford said, “She’s not necessarily my image. Also, the first lady — other than the fact that I’m a Democrat who voted for Hillary, and I’m very sad and disappointed that she’s not in office — but other than that had Hillary Clinton won, she shouldn’t be wearing my clothes. They’re too expensive.”

“And I don’t mean that in a bad way, and they’re not artificially expensive, it’s how much they cost to make these things, but, I think, to relate to everybody, you shouldn’t be wearing that,” the designer said.

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Ford said that, despite declining to dress Melania Trump and his suggestion that Hillary Clinton should not have worn his clothes if she won the presidential election, dressing Michelle Obama for a dinner with Queen Elizabeth II was an opportunity he did not want to let pass him by.

“I thought that was appropriate,” he said. “And it was an honor.”

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