DoorDash Driver Records Himself Eating Customer’s Food After They Tipped $1

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A DoorDash driver has decided to create a TikTok side hustle out of the lemons life hands him. On his TikTok account, @DoorDashTips2, the disgruntled DoorDash driver shows himself eating a customer’s meal after they only tipped $1. It’s one of many videos revealing the dark side of the restaurant industry.

This DoorDash Driver Will Eat Your Meal If You Don’t Tip

“Hm, this DoorDash customer only tipped $1? Hm, let’s see what he got at Arby’s, huh?” says the anonymous TikToker. He continues to itemize the customer’s order.

“Huh, it’s got the beef and cheddar. It’s got the French Dip. And the crinkle fries. Oh man, that’s my favorite,” he says, before shoving a bunch of fries in his mouth.

In another video, the DoorDash driver helps himself to a large bag of unopened potato chips from 7-11. “Alright alright. This DoorDash mother f***er don’t want to tip huh. Let’s see what he got.”

He Might Also Leave Your DoorDash Pizza In a Very Undesirable Location

It gets worse (or better, depending on your level of schadenfreude).

“Alright, alright, this DoorDash buffoon don’t want to tip again, huh. Let’s see what he got,” he says. He proceeds to shake a Little Caesar’s pizza box. Then he meticulously leaves the pizza on its side, supported in between the customer’s front door and the screen door.

Just weeks earlier, the DoorDash driver left a few Pizza Hut boxes on top of a customer’s roof.

The TikToker also reveals that DoorDash orders made without tips are ignored for long periods of time at the restaurants of origin. He films stacks of ready-to-go food items, packaged and sitting under heat lamps. Or worse, they’re just completely left behind.

Another video shows the DoorDash driver being offered an order for $4.50 on his app. It clearly says, “Includes DoorDash pay and customer tip.” The driver selects “decline” and then “order too small” when prompted for his reasoning.

The TikToker’s Abhorrent Practices Seem to Be Sparking a Much-Needed Conversation

Commenters have mixed reviews.

“All of y’all going to get fired,” said one person. The driver responded that he had multiple DoorDash accounts.

“Y’all want tips but tax and delivery is like 15 bucks alone,” someone else commented.

“Do you not realize what your asking someone to do?” another person replied to the above comment. “Your [sic] asking someone at a random time of the day to use their personal vehicle and gas to get you something as immediately as possible. Do you know the cost of Amazon next day shipping? Your [sic] asking for today shipping.”

“They don’t sign up to get shafted and drive several miles using their own fuel for pennies..point is…tip…if you can’t make a jelly sandwich,” another person responded.

Others agreed with the driver that he deserves to be tipped. And some people claimed that they were broke and couldn’t afford to tip. The driver told them to get their own food.

“I always tip low on the app but when the person shows up to my door I always give them a $10 tip or more,” one person explained.

“That’s the wrong way of doing it say for instance your order is 8 miles and it say $2.50 your order will just sit at the restaurant,” replied another person.

“You’re an anomaly,” responded another delivery driver. “I won’t accept anything under $6.50, which means customer has to tip at least $4. The chances of anyone tipping outside the app is like 1 in a million. Seeing you is like winning the lottery.”

All in all, it seems like this DoorDash driver might actually be doing everyone a service by spreading the word through his disservice. Tip your drivers if you don’t want to find your pizza sitting on the roof, everybody.

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