Driver Shoots, Wounds Two Kids Throwing Snowballs At Cars

(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

A group of Milwaukee kids were doing what kids are wont to do on any given day, especially when restless and surrounded by snow on Christmas break: some dumb shit. In this case, that involved throwing snowballs at cars as they drove by. Unfortunately for those kids, they threw snowballs at the worst car possible.

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That’s because the man driving the car, a white Toyota, the windshield of which the kids hit with a snowball, got out of the car, and started shooting at them. The man’s shots hit a 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy, wounding them. Fortunately, both kids suffered non-life threatening injuries and are being treated in a local hospital.

The motorist drove off after firing at the kids and is still at large. Local Milwaukee authorities are asking the public for any information.

A few things here:

  1. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t throw snowballs at cars as a kid, because I did. Because I was a dumb, idiot kid. Also, before you know how to drive a car you can’t truly appreciate how terrifying it is to have something suddenly explode across your windshield. You would think that this would be a sort of obvious but, again, you really don’t appreciate it until you can realistically envision it happening.

  2. I’ve also had a snowball explode across my windshield and I’d be lying if shooting those kids didn’t cross my mind. I didn’t have a gun, but still, that crap was an instant panic attack. Especially because, if you get in an accident, and even if everyone is okay, you know who doesn’t care that some jerkoff kid hit your car with a snowball? Your insurance.

  3. But you shouldn’t shoot kids.

  4. And the guy who shot those kids deserves to go to jail.

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