Drug Smugglers Are Apparently Coating Licorice in Heroin

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It seems drug smugglers are giving a whole new meaning to their product sometimes being termed as “candy.” In this case, it involved heroin, as one of India’s largest seizures revealed the drug had been stored in licorice root.

“It was lying at the port for 15 months with many other detained consignments. No one knew about its heroin coating,” lead investigator HGS Dhaliwal said, via Vice.

This is at least the second time authorities in India have discovered licorice used as a means to smuggle heroin.

Licorice Coated With Heroin Seized From In Mumbai,

In June 2021, “a two-ton shipment of licorice root from Iran was detained by the Mumbai port authorities on India’s west coast over paperwork,” Vice reported. It too contained heroin.

Then, in April, police discovered boxes of licorice root containing 102kg of heroin, also in India.

There’s more. Per Vice:

“In September last year, police found what is thought to be the largest heroin haul ever in India when they discovered three tons of the drug concealed in a consignment of talc stone at Mundra port in Gujarat, a state on India’s west coast. This was almost as much as the total amount of heroin seized — 3.8 tons — in India during the whole of 2020, a year when the country seized the fourth highest amount of heroin globally.”

Yes, this is a new and creative way for smugglers to move their goods. On the bright side, it doesn’t appear to be working.

So far for police, catching the crooks has been as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

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