Duggar Docuseries Producers Admit ‘Things Fell Through the Cracks’ With the Family: The Scandal is ‘Much Bigger’

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The four-part documentary series takes an in-depth look at the Duggar family and the various scandals that have surrounded them. It particularly focuses on their relationship with the ultra-conservative Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP).

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Blye Faust, the producer of Shiny Happy People, shared a few details into the takeaways from the series. “There’s a couple of larger things to unpack.”

“One is that systems need to be in place to protect the most vulnerable,” Faust shared.

“It feels like really, in this instance, things fell through the cracks on a number of levels. And that’s with regard to the Duggars themselves, but also much bigger,” she added. She directs the series’ attention to “the women and children within the Institute in Basic Life Principles” as those where were affected by several alleged crimes that were ignored. Crimes sparked by IBLP’s teachings.

She contined: “Our hope is that people really take a look at that and start to ask of themselves, ‘How was this allowed to flourish?’ And ‘What was all of our roles in it? And ‘What do we do? How do we course-correct this going forward?'”



Behind those bright smiles were dark secrets.   Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is now streaming on Prime Video. #ShinyHappyPeople #DuggarFamily

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Cori Shepherd, a producer on the project, hopes that their docuseries can help create widespread change.

“We’re seeing this blow up huge on the internet right now. TikTok is just going crazy. … There’s just so much discussion about it that we’re already seeing from an entire generation who grew up either under IBLP, or under institutions that were heavily influenced by these ideas,” Shepherd shared. “I mean, this thing went so wide that there are people where you don’t even hear the words, the acronym IBLP, but the teaching is deep in whatever it is they’re doing. There’s an entire generation that is already talking about this as they’re starting to deconstruct their own upbringing.”

Shepherd shared that some 19 Kids and Counting viewers are starting to question what they witnessed when the show was on air.

“A lot of young people who are now growing up, having their own families and starting to question, ‘Wait a minute, what the hell was I watching?'” she added. “We were consuming misogyny as entertainment. Consuming, watching, intellectual abuse happen, educational abuse happen, and seeing it as like, ‘Oh, isn’t that wacky? They make tater tot casserole.'”

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