Dumb Florida Burglars Arrested For Calling 911 to Help Move ‘Their Belongings’

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No one ever said you had to be smart to be a criminal. The latest evidence of that came from two individuals in Florida — who actually called 911 to help them “move their belongings.”

Turns out, those belongings were actually the property of someone else. Namely, the home that the two burglars were robbing.

When Polk County deputies arrived, they found that no one actually lived in the home. But upon further review, they found a man and his girlfriend inside.

Perhaps not surprisingly, local law enforcement officials were already searching for the male suspect, who allegedly had robbed a Dollar General store earlier that same day.

Burglars on The Loose

But the girlfriend at least explained the 911 call. She told deputies, simply, that they needed help stealing stuff from the place. After all, there was just too much to move on their own.

Oh, the couple also needed a ride to the airport, the female suspect reportedly said, so they could make their way to New York.

Thankfully, the Polk County sheriff’s office poked a little fun at these knuckleheads’ expense.

“Deputies DID help them with their belongings, and DID give them a ride, but it wasn’t to the airport … it was to the Polk Pokey,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post. “And they are welcome to stay there all weekend long. The Polk Pokey is much better than New York anyway.”

In the end, the male suspect was charged with robbing and theft of both the store and residence. The female, who apparently had all she needed from the Dollar Store already, was just charged for the residence. But that’s probably only because being charged with stupidity is not an official thing.

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