Dunkin’ Worker Goes Viral on TikTok For Punching Customer in Drive Thru

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Listen, employees who work at fast food restaurants have all my respect. God knows what I would do if I had to deal with over 100 customers a day; not knowing if they are going to be nice or not. Which is why this Dunkin’ employee has my wholesome respectwell, sorta.

A video on TikTok went viral after user @didi_cortes posted it on her page for her 300,000 followers to see.  Basically, there is a girl standing outside of her car in front of a Dunkin’ drive-thru squaring up and pacing back and forward while repeating ‘do you wanna fight?’.

So as expected, the Duncan employee is not having it. You’re a grown woman, why are you acting like this?

So what does this employee do? He punches her in the face, womp womp.  I do not condone any type of violence, but you had to have seen this coming. What’s funny to me about this whole video is not the punch, it’s the people inside of the car who saw what happened and gasped so loud that the car behind them probably heard. 

People suspect this is fake…

The TikTok user captained the video, “He said equal rights, equal fights” which now has over 22.4 million views. Now, there is potential that this might be staged after the TikTok indicated that the worker might her brother in a hashtag included in the caption, but honestly, that punch did not look fake to me.

If it is a joke, shame on them for lying just for a few likes and comments; this girl could have seriously gotten hurt. Still, it has received enough attention to gain over 3 million likes. Some of the comments are pretty brutal, with one user saying, “stop testing the patience of the people who work at food sectors. They’re underpaid but the level of work is unexplainable.”  Several others found the video hilarious, with one user saying, “the collective gasp as the head flies back is really what’s getting me.”  Another one stated, “she just warms herself up to get embarrassed.” 

If I was her I would be so embarrassed. Legit, I would never show my face in any Dunkin’ ever again.

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