Eerie Images Surface After Missing Teenage Jumped Off Ship

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Several videos of missing Louisiana teen Cameron Robbins have been shared on social media, and some of the footage showcases what many online assume to be shark fins around the teen after he jumped off his Bahamas Cruise ship on a dare. Robbins has not been seen since May 24 when he jumped off the Blackbeard’s Revenge sunset cruise into waters that Raymond King, a Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF) Commodore, called “really shark-infested.”

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A video that was shared to TikTok showcases the moments following Robbins’ leap from the boat. Onlookers plea for the recent high school graduate to grab a buoy, but he seems to swim in the opposite direction. A voice can be heard saying “Bye-bye” during the last time Robbins was seen. In screenshots from the video, many people online believe shark fins are present and that Robbins was killed by the deadly sea creature.

Missing Louisiana Teen May Have Been Killed By Shark

Many social media users are believing that Robbins has succumbed to the shark-infested waters off Athol Island. One Twitter user wrote, “Haunting, but you can see the exact moment the shark gets him. Tragic & scary in every way,” after posting a screenshot from the original video. Another social media user said, “He initially goes for the buoy but then turns around when he sees the shark, ultimately disappearing into the water, likely dragged down. Very sad.”

Robbins was celebrating his high school graduation from the University Laboratory School on Blackbeard’s Revenge, a pirate ship-themed cruise. The staff of Blackbeard’s Revenge desperately searched for Robbins for hours while the ship was parked in the area where the boy jumped. After checking 325 miles of ocean for two days, the Coast Guard called off their own search for the teen.

Robbins was described as a “great kid” who was a star baseball player. University Lab School Director Kevin George spoke to WBRZ about the missing boy, saying, “He’s an athlete … great smile, great head of hair. Just one of the kids you’re so proud of when they cross the stage.”

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