“Exorcist” nurse allegedly yells “I revoke you demons” at dying inmate, is in a hellish spot

Oklahoma County Jail

A 67-year-old nurse can no longer work at the Oklahoma County Jail now that detention officer witnesses have accused her of saying “I revoke your demons” and asking if she could perform an exorcism on a 32-year-old inmate in distress who later died.

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The deceased inmate, pictured above, was identified as Amanda Lynette Freeman. The cause of death was determined to be an “acute coronary event” caused by methamphetamine use. Four days after Freeman was arrested in February, there was an incident at the jail. She was described as thrashing and screaming.

Nurse Linda Herlong Jackson, 67, was on scene and detention officers claim she attempted to perform an exorcism, according to the Oklahoman.

Freeman was seizing in her jail cell around 5 a.m. on February 10. Jackson arrived on scene and a sheriff lieutenant is said to have stopped an exorcism that was taking place.

Jackson was contacted by the news outlet and denied the claim, saying, “Oh, brother. No […] I didn’t do an exorcism.” She also believed this was a set-up to get her ousted from the jail.

She was subsequently banned in October from working at the jail again. Jackson, who worked at the jail through Armor Correctional Health Services for six years, was not directly employed by the jail.

She said in her one public interview that Freeman did not die on her watch and that she didn’t want the “settled” story sensationalized.

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“The patient didn’t die by the way, on my shift,” Jackson said in an interview. “I would appreciate if you wouldn’t try to sensationalize something that’s already been settled — or so I thought.”

She later backtracked on doing a second interview.

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