Former “The Wonder Years” actor Dan Lauria announced on social media that he planned to help get the president impeached.

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The actor was best known for playing Republican dad Jack Arnold on the famed late ’80s show, but Lauria’s Twitter debut was a major departure from his memorable character.

He said in his first tweet on the site, “Hello Twitter, my name is Dan Lauria, and I’ve come to do my part in getting Donald Trump impeached and our country back on track. God Bless.” Lauria lists “Actor, Writer, Political Activist” in his Twitter profile.

Several fans replied with agreement, while others denounced his opinion.

“Better Call Saul” actor Michael McKean replied, “Always liked you, Dan. Now more than ever,” to which another user replied with a GIF comparing celebrity opinions to garbage.

Lauria followed up his announcement with a link to a post in a Medium series he’d written called “Letters of Protest,” in which he compared the current state of government to a circus and made negative remarks about both sides of the political fence.

He wrote:

Can we survive Republicans turning the other cheek as a president embraces white supremacy and who allows foreign influence to fester and grow into our electoral system? Can we, as Americans, survive Democrats who play the waiting game as they move like turtles so the right and moral argument coincides with the mid-term elections? Can we as Americans survive those who put their own greed before our American heritage and our free American souls?

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“I would like to speak out for some people who I disagree with but admire, and I do this knowing I’m going to get rejections from my friends on both sides of the aisle,” he continued.

According to his Facebook, this isn’t the first time Lauria has taken on politics: he previously compared political fighting to boxing.

While Jack Arnold was always politically outspoken, Lauria’s point of view is definitely a far cry from the TV dad we all grew up knowing.

Famous “Wonder Years” dad has plans to get “Donald Trump impeached” L: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, R: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images
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