‘Ferris Bueller’ Star Edie McClurg Victim of Alleged Elder Abuse

It’s devastating to hear that the 77-year-old may be a victim.

We all remember the bowl-haired school secretary from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off — thanks to Edie McClurg’s vivid performance. The veteran actress played the administrator with such sharp matter-of-factness. She flashed her Midwestern charm, that turned simple lines like “He’s a righteous dude” into the pop culture consciousness.

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So it’s devastating to hear that the 77-year-old may be a victim of elder abuse and, possibly, sexual assault.

Edie McClurg

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Edie McClurg made her on-screen debut in 1976 with Carrie. Playing a bespectacled bully, McClurg was a part of cinema history, hurling tampons at Sissy Spacek in that famous locker room scene.

In 1980, McClurg performed regularly on The David Letterman Show and eventually moved to Los Angeles where she joined the comedy troupe, the Groundlings. Six years later, she found fame in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. As school secretary Grace, she played both a hilarious right-hand to Ed Rooney (Jeffrey Jones), the mad-with-power dean of the students.

Since then, McClurg’s face has been recognizable in Hollywood and appeared in various small roles on TV and film. She’s also lent her distinct voice to a number of animated features. Her many credits include A River Runs Through It, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, The Little Mermaid, Hannah Montana, A Bug’s Life, and Cars.

Elder Abuse and Possible Sexual Abuse

Sadly, McClurg is now suffering from dementia. And recent documents obtained by TMZ assert that a supposed friend, Michael L. Ramos, has been taking advantage of her condition.

In 2019, it became apparent that the unemployed Ramos was living with McClurg and her family filed for a court-ordered conservatorship. At the time, the judge ruled that Ramos could continue living with McClurg for companionship. Now, however, the lawyer for that conservatorship is asking that he be removed.

According to TMZ, Ramos attempted to move McClurg out of California in order to marry her — despite the actress’ lacking mental capacity.

And it gets worse.

Allegedly, Ramos sexually assaulted Edie’s professional caregiver; she filed a police report with Los Angeles police. The caregiver now fears that McClurg, given her condition, could also be getting assaulted by Ramos.

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