Flight Attendant Hospitalized After Confronting a Woman Carrying a Child

A female United Airlines flight attendant was hospitalized after a confrontation with a female passenger, who appeared to be fairly unruly in a video circulating online.

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The incident happened as the plane touched down in Chicago as it arrived from San Francisco. In the video, the passenger can be seen carrying a child and shoving the flight attendant in the face/neck area, threatening to “kill you.”

The attendant slowly backed away, while still grabbing the woman. That’s when another flight attendant came to the scene from the front of the plane.

That second attendant can be heard saying “You are out of line.” Though it’s unclear if she’s speaking to the passenger or the other flight attendant.

Flight Attendant Hospitalized After Confronting a Woman

@emily_jeannn Just had an interesting flight home. #united #candycrush10 #sanfrancisco #chicago ♬ original sound – Emily

According to the passenger who recorded the video, the female passenger had been saying “Jesus Christ our savior was going to save us.” This before standing up to go to the restroom. That’s when flight attendants told her she would have to sit back down, as the plane was landing.

Chicago police confirmed they arrived at a gate at O’Hare International Airport after reports of a disturbance. Three people were taken to nearby Resurrection Hospital for observation, police said.

“We’re grateful to our crew for handling this difficult situation with professionalism and for putting the safety of our team and our customers first,” United Airlines said in the statement. 

There have been more than 2,000 incidents reported involving flight attendants since 2020, according to Block Club Chicago. Which is sad in itself, what’s up with all these rude passengers? Is there something in the air that I don’t know about? Can we all just be decent humans for once and respect flight attendants?

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