Florida man allegedly opens fire on Miami highway with an AK-47

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Police say a Florida man caused the closure of the Palmetto Expressway Monday night after going on a shooting spree. According to NBC 6, Horvan Ruiz, 36, drove along the expressway firing with an AK-47 at random vehicles, concrete barriers and an FHP trooper. The Daily Mail reports that at least 108 shots were fired in the rampage.

According to reports, Ruiz crashed his car against a barrier and drove the opposite way before he crashed into an oncoming car. He then continued to fire from his car but surrendered to the police when he ran out of ammo. He now faces “16 counts of attempted first-degree murder with a deadly weapon, three counts of child abuse and attempted premeditated first-degree murder.”

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During the rampage, two cars were hit with bullets, and eight people were injured, although there were no fatalities. One driver, Enrique Bendanna, said that “[a] bullet went through the headrest of the passenger [side] and went through the windshield […] Inches from [his] head.”

“I mean, I got hit right in my temple. I had blood coming out of my head, and I freaked out in that moment,” Bendanna added.

Ruiz was previously charged with burglary in 1998 and marijuana possession in 2005, according to court documents. He is presently being held without bond. It is still unknown if there was any motive to this attack.

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