Florida man evokes Pulse nightclub shooting in threats against LGBT-friendly church that fed and cared for him Twitter Screenshot

Thirty-four-year-old Joseph Jorczak was arrested Wednesday after directing threatening messages towards the LGBT-friendly Miami Beach Community Church, evoking the June 12th Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando that killed 49 and wounded 53 in a Facebook post.

“The Miami Beach Community Church is filled with a bunch of sick homosexuals,” police say Jorczak posted. “Orlando will look small to what is coming to Miami Beach, specifically the Miami Beach Community Church.”

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Jorczak, who also said that “you cannot trust the LGBT community” and posted that he found someone to sell him an AR-15, was arrested after police showed up to question him about the Nov. 17th and Nov. 29th posts, and he refused to cooperate.

According to the Washington Post, Jorczak had a history of mental illness and was cared for by church members, who “let Jorczak march with them in the city’s gay pride parade. They gave him food. When he got sick, they drove him to the hospital and prayed for him.”

Court records show that the church’s pastor, Rev. Hunter Thompson, filed a restraining order against Jorczak, after Jorczak stood up during a service last winter and screamed threats against Thompson’s family and the church treasurer. He was soon escorted out by police.

Because the church tends to serve homeless and mentally ill members, Thompson said outbursts during services are fairly frequent. He also said that the church’s progressive stance has gotten them flack before, but never to this extent.

Thompson said, “It doesn’t typically go beyond email.”

On Saturday, Thompson posted the following message on the church’s Facebook page:

Today, I call upon each of you to lift up Joseph Jorczak, praying for his health and a deep sense of peace and harmony with the world. Joseph is in pain. He is hurt and afraid. He is not rational. Sadly, he has focused his anger and frustration onto the church. His words of hate towards our LGBT members are disturbing and unsettling. I pray his words have no power.

Jorczak was charged with stalking, cyber stalking and violating a restraining order.

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