Florida Man Wanted for Stealing $600 Worth of Cat Blood Facebook: St. Johns County Sheriff's Office
Facebook: St. Johns County Sheriff's Office

Uh…what in the world is going on in Florida? I’m really starting to worry about you a bit, I feel like we need to sit down and have a talk over a nice cup of tea because this is getting ridiculous. Apparently, Florida is now looking for an unidentified man who stole cat blood. Yes, you’re read that right, cat blood from an animal clinic. According to news outlet, security footage shows an unknown male walking up to the door of the Anastasia cat clinic in St. Augustine. He then decided to pick up an Antech Diagnostics blood box that was filled with multiple samples of cat blood that had been left, likely to be picked up for analysis.

20 minutes later, a man with similar clothing was seen getting out of a truck in the parking area. The truck driver was seen walking up to the clinic store while carrying the box back to his truck before driving away. The contents inside the medical blood box, which reportedly contain four vials of cat blood, are estimated to be a whopping $600. Authorities are still searching for the man, despite the incident happening on September 17, 2020.

Florida Man Wanted for Stealing $600 Worth of Cat Blood

According to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Chuck Mulligan, the motivation for this weird and abnormal crime is still unclear. So, while it might not be easy to come to some conclusions as to what the real motive behind is, authorities did note that cat blood is not a known trade item in the United States. As far as human blood, roughly 2.3% of the United States exports in global trade in 2017 was made up of animal and human blood, which totaled to $28.8 billion from plasma exports. This according to data from Comtrade, which is a project of the United Nations Statistics Division.

Now, All I have to say about this weird incident is that I really hope this man had a good motive behind him stealing the feline plasma. Because if it’s for personal use, that is just weird and disgusting, but then again it’s Florida we’re talking about so I wouldn’t doubt it if the skies nonchalantly drinking it every morning. Gross.

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