School Petitions to Cancel School the Day After Halloween

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Nobody ever wants to go back to work or school after a holiday. But, for the most part, we’ve conceded to the fact that there’s nothing we can do about it and just take life as it is. Some of the good people in Florida have taken a different approach.

Students in West Palm Beach, Florida have started a petition. They are demanding that their schools cancel their classes on the day after Halloween. The petitions are housed on the website and are being circulated from multiple schools. One of the Palm Beach County post-Halloween petitions was founded by Martin Orozco. Orozco explains why Florida students should have the day off.

The petition states, “We need more days off in Palm Beach County, and it would be great to have a day off after Halloween. People will stay up late and be tired the next day, which won’t improve our learning.”


Orozco’s petition currently has 8,600 signatures. In all honesty, I see no lies there. Kids are always out late trick or treating on Halloween. Maybe they should give these students the next day off?!

The Palm Beach School District isn’t the only one with a Halloween petition. The Miami-Dade and Broward counties have petitions. A St. Lucie County petition, also on has around 97,000 signatures. Which is crazy! Some comments include:

“Let us have time to spend with our friends adventuring and hangout together for this once a year occasion.”


“It’s not OK to go to school drowsy and tired the day after Halloween, after eating a lot of candy and watching horror movies. We should get a day off.”


“I’m going to be hungover on candy how am I supposed to go to school.”

and lastly,

“Having schools Friday would be stressing and tiring and to get back off for the weekend. It wouldn’t make much sense”.

Not a lick of sense, for sure.

Although so many signatures have been collected, it looks like the Florida school districts are keeping to their scheduled yearly school calendar and students will attend classes on November 1, 2019. Those students definitely gave it a good effort! Anyone else wonder if they study as hard as they petition?? Happy November first, everyone!!

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