A survivor of Wednesday’s Florida high school mass shooting joined “TODAY’s” Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie for a heartbreaking interview Thursday morning.

Samantha Grady, a junior at the Parkland high school, was in a classroom when the gunman shot through the door window. Grady was injured by the bullets, and she saw her best friend shot. Guthrie opened the interview by asking Grady if she knew how her friend had fared. Guthrie had apparently not been informed that the girl had died.

“Yeah, unfortunately, um, she didn’t make it,” Grady said, wiping away tears.

The succinct admission left the two show hosts in silence for a few moments that seemed much longer.

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Finally, Kotb broke the silence, saying, “Samantha, we’re so sorry about that, so sorry,” as an obviously distraught Guthrie could only shake her head and quietly say, “So sorry.”

Grady was being shown in a split-screen continuing to wipe her eyes as Kotb tried to continue on with the difficult interview.

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“Um, you were- are you OK, honey?” Kotb asked tentatively.

Grady, holding back tears, answered, “I’m OK, thank you.”

Again, there was just nothing much to say as all three tried to deal with the gut-wrenching reality.

Kotb again broke the silence, telling Grady, “We’re sending love and prayers to you right now.”


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