Florida Women Caught Robbing and Punching Workers at Popeye’s Drive-Thru

Yikes, it looks like these four women ordered more than those delicious Popeye’s chicken sandwiches. A wild video is now going viral on social media showing the violent robbery as it unfolded in the drive-thru window at a Popeye’s restaurant in Lantana. According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the whole argument began when one of the passengers started arguing with the cashier prompting her to spit at and assault the employee.

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The 29-second video clip shows her furiously attacking the Popeye’s worker while standing outside of a silver Nissan Sentra. A second woman then gets out of the driver’s seat and is followed by two other women who join in on the fight as one of them reaches inside to steal the cash.

Four Florida Women Caught Robbing Popeye’s


Through a statement, authorities stated, “One of the female suspects reached into the window and grabbed money from the register.” The four unidentified women then got back inside their Sentra, with the Florida license plates GVZP04, and drove off. Police stated that no arrests have been made in the incident but the investigation is still ongoing.

Putting my two cents in here, this is so tacky and embarrassing to see. First off, why would anyone spit on a cashier, that’s just plain disrespectful. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. If I was the cashier I would immediately press charge to all four women, because this is ridiculous. It’s one thing that one woman is fighting, but for all four of them to get involved is insane. Also, if you’re going to rob someone make sure your license plates aren’t showing, think smarter. Of course, I’m not condoning this, but come on this is dumb. Just get your chicken sandwich and run along. Stay wild Florida.

If anyone can identify the women from the footage or the car should contact Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County at (800) 458-TIPS.

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