Teacher’s Aide Caught Sending Sexual Messages to Special Needs Student

Brevard County Jail

A Florida woman has been arrested for sending sexual messages over Instagram in the form of explicit videos and photos to a 16-year-old special needs student.

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27-year-old teacher’s aide Lindsey Noele Thorson was busted for her illicit messaging after the parent of a different student at Fieldston Preparatory School in Titusville, Florida alerted the authorities to her behavior.

Thorson’s sexual messaging was initially reported to employees at Fieldson, which is a private K-12 institution, but her actions were not further investigated until a parent caught wind of the situation and reported it to the police themselves. Once the Titusville Police Department began investigating the situation their reports indicated that the principal of Fieldston, Cindy Colletti, was dismissive of the reports that her teacher’s aide was sending dirty messages to a student.

Thorson, however, later surrendered herself to authorities. The investigation found that Thorson had sent explicit messages to the kid, as well messages accompanying them such as, “You ever show anyone these I will fight you lol,” and “Ima get myself fired.”

The latter observation accompanying Thorson’s sexual predation turned out to be true. She was fired, as one usually is after becoming a personal cam girl for a minor.

Colletti later released a statement assuring the community that she and other school officials fully cooperated with the investigation.

After her arrest, Thorson posted her $4,000 bail and was released from the Brevard County Jail.

A couple things:

1. Dismissive of allegations of one of your subordinates being a sexual predator? Who do you think you are, Cindy Colletti? The Pope?

2. Do all these teachers having sex with their students not have Tinder and Bumble and whatever dating apps are out there? An (extremely small) part of me at least gets why some teacher in the 90s or 2000s might have resorted to going after a student. Just a sheer lack of nearby options. But now everyone has an entire catalog of potential sex partners in their pocket. There’s not really a good excuse for this stuff and even the bad excuses are getting worse.

This story was originally published February 25, 2020.

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