Former NFL star put his foot down on the national anthem protests and knew exactly who to blame AP Photo/Dave Pickoff, File

Former NFL stand-out running back Herschel Walker is blaming league commissioner Roger Goodell for allowing protests during the national anthem to become routine occurrences during the 2017 season and potentially beyond.

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Walker said that he finds the protests “upsetting” and that they should have been stopped when they started.

“I absolutely think the protests are so upsetting, and I blame the commissioner,” he said, according to the New York Post. “I know people are going to be angry when I say it, but he should have stopped the protests at the very beginning.”

Walker said that if people want to protest they should do so in Washington, D.C.

“Our flag is very special, and black lives matter, but what we should do is go to Washington after the season and protest there instead. We have young men and women fighting for the flag. And we have to respect the White House,” he added.

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It’s not the first time Walker has taken a strong stance on recent NFL displays.

Previously, Walker told TMZ that the NFL should make a rule that says players can only protest while “off the job.”

“I do, I think it means making a league-wide rule that if you want to protest, protest off the job. One of the things I want to say about the protests, where was everyone before the season started?” he asked. “I didn’t see anyone protesting in front of the White House, protesting in front of Congress or protesting in front of police officers. Why did we wait until football season started to start this again?”

Notably, Herschel Walker played in the USFL before he played in the NFL.  The New Jersey Generals were owned by Donald Trump.

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