“What a pleasure,” Sheffield said. “Thank you.”

Sheffield was on his way to Washington, D.C. last week, when the former president boarded the flight at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and shook the hand of every passenger on board.

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“It’s hard to put into words what a nice reprieve from the current political theater this moment was,” Sheffield said.

Carter made his way through the flight chatting and shaking hands with fellow flyers.

Sheffield said it was apparent how much the former president genuinely loves people.

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His enthusiasm was authentic and humble, in a way that made things feel less heavy for a moment,” Sheffield said.

Sheffield shared the moment on Twitter, tweeting a video which has been re-tweeted thousands of times.

Former President Jimmy Carter surprised everyone on a flight to Washington, D.C., with this kind gesture (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)

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