Former President Obama cracks a joke about being born in Kenya AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim
Former U.S. President Barack Obama delivers his speech during the 4th Congress of Indonesian Diaspora Network in Jakarta, Indonesia, Saturday, July 1, 2017. (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)

Former President Barack Obama cracked a joke about his purported birthplace during his first global summit in Chicago, saying that he was “born in Kenya.”

Obama poked fun at the ongoing rumor that he was born in Kenya during the Obama Foundation’s inaugural global summit Tuesday.

“The reason I’m so excited to see you all here today in part is because this is where I started. This isn’t where I was born, I was born in Kenya,” he said to laughter, according to The Hill. He quickly added: “That’s a joke.”

His joke was a reference to the birther movement, which asserted that he was not born in the United States, that plagued him during his years in the White House.

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The Obama’s summit brought together artists, entrepreneurs, and world leaders along with the next generation of leaders for what Obama referred to as a “big brainstorming session.”

The former president also tried to steer the conversation away from politics, saying, “Our goal here is not to create a political movement. Some of you may be aspiring to be politicians and I believe firmly in politics. But I also believe that the moment we’re in right now, politics is the tail and not the dog. What we need to do is think about our civic culture.”

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