Details Of Fred Savage Outbursts Leaked After His ‘Wonder Years’ Firing

Fred Savage, child star of The Wonder Years, director of The Wonder Years remake, was let go by Disney recently. He was allegedly fired from his director’s role due to multiple accusations of misconduct. New details about Savage’s outbursts leaked and we’re sensing a pattern.

An insider and production veteran told People that Savage “works his crews pretty hard by always doing more takes than necessary… Some directors just overshoot. Sometimes they feel like they didn’t get the performance or want to try another angle or things like that. He overshoots and the days are longer, therefore giving more opportunities to snap at people.”

Another source claimed that Fred Savage “can have a temper and occasional outbursts.”

While the full reasons and details for Savage’s firing are still unclear, it seems that this is a pattern. A female crew member, YoungJoo Hwang, filed a harassment suit against Savage in 2018. She claimed that after she brushed dandruff off of Savage’s suit, he “violently struck” her arm three times and shouted, “Do not touch me with your hands!” Hwang also claimed that Savage was “aggressive, intimidatory and constantly hurled profanities at female employees.”

In 1993, a costume designer named Monique Long once sued Fred Savage and another actor for sexual harassment. Savage’s lawyer brushed Long off as “a disgruntled employee.”

We still don’t know exactly why Fred Savage was fired. News of the firing by Disney is still very fresh, but it seems like the patterns are clear. Stay tuned as we find out more of the details.

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