Friends of The Rock Believe That He Will Be A U.S. President

Dwayne Johnson attends the Warner Bros. "Black Adam" and "Shazam" press line during 2022 Comic-Con International: San Diego at Hilton Bayfront on July 23, 2022 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

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Mark Henry of WWE fame thinks Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will become U.S. President. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Mark Henry said that The Rock’s incredible trajectory in fame and success is a sign of something even bigger to come.

“This guy you worked with in The Nation,” said Bill Apter. “In WWE, this guy named Dwayne Johnson, who became The Rock. And he’s now become the biggest star in the world, in movies. Did you ever feel that this kid was going to go to where he’s gone?”

“No,” Henry responded bluntly. “I can’t say that I expected him to be who he became. But I knew that he had the work ethic for it. I’ve never seen anybody work harder than him. And what you see now is going to be minor. I’m calling my shot right now. Dwayne Johnson will be President of the United States one day.”

Apter admitted that he’d heard this prediction before, from “a lot of people,” and actually agreed.

“And not only will he be President. But he will be the change in America that everybody needs. And when he starts running for office — I’ve never been involved in politics in my life. When he decides to become a politician, I will do everything I can to push. What party — Democrat, Republican, Independent — I don’t care. Because I know he’s going to do the right thing.”

“I think that he’s smart enough to realize, just like Ronald Reagan was when he became President. And the Bible always says, ‘When a child… you do childish things… When you grow, as an adult, you put away your childish things.’ Like, I think that Dwayne will put away the childish things. He’ll put away the entertainment. And he’ll become a man of the people.”

When Apter asked Henry if he’d be interested in joining Dwayne as Vice President, he firmly declined.

46% of Americans Polled Would Support The Rock as President

Talk of Dwayne Johnson running for President isn’t new. There’s been a petition up on for some time. A poll taken in April 2021 showed that 46% of Americans would support him if he ran for office.

The Rock himself has also candidly addressed the issue.

He once said that he’d run for President if it was what the people truly wanted. But he also has admitted that he’s unsure if he’s the best candidate for the job.

“You know, at the end of the day, I don’t know the first thing about politics. I care deeply about our country,” Johnson once told Vanity Fair.

The Rock admitted that he doesn’t “know the first thing about policy.”

“I care about every f****** American who bleeds red and that’s all of them,” he said. “There’s delusion here — I may have some leadership qualities but that doesn’t necessarily make me a great presidential candidate. That’s where I am today.”

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  1. Dear God have mercy on us. “The Rock” may be a nice guy but for him to apparently not recognize that there is one side of our politics that believes the end justifies the means, who believe that lying cheating and stealing is completely acceptable and even laudable in achieving their goals, who believe in “something for nothing” and never-ending spending and increasing debt, is to disqualify himself right from the get-go to any position where he might have control over the lives of others…I guess it’s appropriate that he interviewed with “Vanity” Fair…

  2. Screw the Croc, he’s a Chinese sell out of the first order, typical of today’s Hollywood and not in the style of Reagan. Who’s going to be his running mate, Hunter BIden?

  3. 46% say they would support him if he ran for office…based on what? Does anyone know his positions on ANYTHING? He’s a big muscular guy that makes entertainment. So did Arnold, and we saw where he went.

    The poll was by “Piplsay”, which I have never heard of. Since one of their big polls shows that only 41% of respondents think the cryptocurrencies are a risky investments, I will assume that their polling is aimed at a very young market.

    However, women especially will often vote purely on looks and personality. (Maybe the Founding Fathers were right on the women’s vote). Add into that the fact that 50% of this country voted for a sick old liberal, he certainly could run and win.

  4. Hahahaha he couldn’t get elected to dog catcher. He can’t even act worth a crap & he surly doesn’t know how to run a country.

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