From the battle of the wives to a non-endorsement speech of the Republican nominee at the RNC to the nickname “Lyin’ Ted” and much, much more, it’s no secret that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and President-elect Donald Trump had a contentious relationship throughout primary season and beyond.

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But now that the dust has settled and wounds have been stitched up, jockeying for position and claim-staking in a Trump Administration has commenced.

Look no further than Cruz’s Thursday appearance on “Fox & Friends” for evidence of this.

Cruz said that he’s “eager” to work with Trump in any role that he can have the best impact.

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“I’m eager to work with the new president in whatever capacity I can have the great impact, defending the principles that I was elected to defend,” he said. “Defending the principles of freedom, defending the Constitution.”

Cruz met in private at Trump Tower with the president-elect on Tuesday, perhaps to discuss a cabinet role.

Some have floated the idea of Cruz for U.S. Attorney General, but “only one [person] knows who the finalists are!” There are reasons that names leak that may have more to do with the opposition and the vetting process than they do with real possibility.

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